Universal Mind Revealed

A turning point for humanity is in the developing of our inner powers or faculties, which are of greatest importance for the evolution of our souls. The constant change and progression of faculties are integral in the development of the soul and in the attainment of the perfected soul. This is the principal subject covered in this Kabbalistic rendering, Universal Mind Revealed.

Universal Mind Revealed explains in detail the hidden meaning of Genesis 5 from Adam to Noah. It gives a meticulous explanation of what the names and numbers in Genesis 5 mean, not only in their verse context but in the way the names and numbers relate to each other. It examines the ageless wisdom of the Egyptians (Kabbalah) to connote truths that could aid humanity in its evolutionary processes. It reveals the universal mind’s constitution, how the faculties of the universal mind were developed, and how they were endowed to the human soul for its exaltation. Further, Universal Mind Revealed gives practical means to attain growth and spiritual development.

“Dr. Edna Craven’s Universal Mind Revealed is a dynamic, authentic, Kabbalistic description of the multi-staged creation of man, giving definitive answers to heretofore obscure meanings of the names and numbers in Genesis Chapter 5. Further, the chapters contain practical applications for spiritual sustenance and growth.”—The Dallas Morning News, February 2014.

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It seems fitting to reflect on the circumstances that led to the writing of this book. I had no intention of writing a book of this sort. What prompted me to do so was my inner voice, which outwardly spoke to me three times before I understood what it was saying.

First, I will begin by giving you my spiritual background and how I became involved in the Kabbalah, the Hebraic keys that helped me unveiled Genesis Chapter 5, the subject of my book, Universal Mind Revealed. My involvement in esoteric teachings dates back to 1968, when I joined the Ancient Mystical Order Rosae Crucis, AMORC (a fraternal, non-religious, non-profit organization, also known as, the Rosicrucian Order) and began my studies in mysticism and arcane sciences. My association with AMORC laid the foundation to understanding higher knowledge of many disciplines, principally the Kabbalah as taught by the Ancient Royal Priesthood of the Egyptians. These ancient teachings are hard to grasp, but having laid a sturdy spiritual foundation with AMORC’s teachings afforded me an advantage used to unveil the underlying meaning of the Genesis account in Chapter 5 of the Bible.

To fully disclose the kabbalistic meaning of each chapter from Genesis Chapter 1 to Genesis Chapter 4, took me about a year per chapter. When I arrived at chapter 5, I was done in two months; I had interpreted all 32 verses of this chapter in two months. “Something seemed fishy,” I thought. To me, it did not make sense to have finished so quickly while the previous chapters took much longer. So, I decided to extract the names and numbers given in each verse of the chapter and unveiled them separately, away for the rest of the Hebrew words in the verses. The finished product rendered 1 ½ to 2 pages of meaning per name, per number. I realized I had missed breaking the Hebraic names and numbers into their monosyllabic components. When I did, their full signification opened up. It took away the mysterious atmosphere surrounding them. Things made sense for I began to see clearly what Moses concealed in these writings.

Now, let us return to the comments made earlier about my inner voice. I had just begun to interpret the numbers given in verse 25 when suddenly I heard a quick murmur coming from below my navel area. I stopped typing for a few seconds to try to make some sense of it. Nothing else occurred, so I went back to typing. As soon as I put my fingers in the keyboard, the murmur came back, but this time it was above my navel and a bit louder. I thought I heard the word “book” at the end of the murmur, but the sound was muffled. Just as I started typing again, the voice (not a murmur anymore) sort of shouted from my chest area, “I’m writing a book!” The effect upon my consciousness was so profound that it instantly attuned me to the fact that I had been writing a book all along and did not know it. “Oh my God, I’m writing a book, I’m writing a book, I’m writing a book,” I shouted in excitement while my fingers continued typing away and all along mentally summoning God’s help that I may render a book that is accurate, inspiring, and that it may contribute to the unfoldment of humanity.  I became aware that by interpreting the names and numbers separately, I was actually gathering the kabbalistic keys to unlock the true meaning underlying Genesis Chapter 5. When I restored the unveiled names and numbers into the corresponding verses, the expanded analysis produced a book that provides the keys to understand the true meaning of The Adam and the so-called Patriarchs of Genesis. I discovered this seemingly boring list of names and numbers, holds the key to understanding the evolution of consciousness and our ultimate connection to God.

Universal Mind Revealed is for everyone: contemporary readers, students of Kabbalah and new thought, metaphysicians, and anyone pursuing biblical understanding.

The spiritual knowledge in Universal Mind Revealed informs us of our latent powers, so that we can develop them and help our soul evolve. By knowing our spiritual powers, we can learn to harness universal forces, attune to them, and alter their ultimate effect upon us. This book teaches us how to arrange the affairs of our life so that we can use the forces of life as allies, like a captain of a ship turning his sails to the wind. We can harness the other forces of our existence to help us navigate through life. Knowing and understanding these universal forces can help us put them into practicality to enable us to control our passions and to help us in our transition to higher spheres where we enter into the realms of the Spirit where peace abounds.

Universal Mind Revealed enhances our modern day lives. The enhancement comes by knowing ourselves better: who we are, where we came from, why we are here, where we are going. The famous Greek maxim, Know Thyself, instructs us to look within, to meditate, to contemplate internally for the purpose of knowing our true selves. We can harvest better crop by learning and acting on the knowledge acquired through the proper study and application of the Bible’s teachings. Because our awareness as human beings is expanding, our perception of what is written in the Bible needs to expand as well. The answers are there, we just need to be interpreting them in a way that reflects our evolving consciousness. Undertaking a deeper understanding will allow for different truths to resonate.

We are all seeking for a philosophy of life that can help us render our life meaningful. We are finding that knowledge that can give us an opportunity to test ourselves and learn our strengths and weaknesses, and at the same time helps us improve ourselves and overcome our weaknesses, makes us better and more fulfilled individuals. Having elucidated Chapter 5 of the Genesis account satisfactorily, I hope this book will bring peace of mind to all seekers of light.  May this book help restore faith in higher esoteric learnings for spiritual growth is the goal of all human aspiration. Higher esoteric teachings that help us grow are precious learnings for they open the doors to life everlasting.

                                                                             EDNA E. CRAVEN