“Dr. Edna Craven’s Universal Mind Revealed is a dynamic, authentic, Kabbalistic description of the multi-staged creation of man, giving definitive answers to heretofore obscure meanings of the names and numbers in Genesis Chapter 5. Further, the chapters contain practical applications for spiritual sustenance and growth.

The Dallas Morning News.

February 2014

Universal Mind Revealed is truly a divinely inspired book. This book is a Kabbalistic interpretation of Genesis Chapter 5 which explains in precise detail what had to take place in the spiritual planes before corporeal man, i.e., human beings were created on the physical plane, i.e., Earth. This chapter is usually presumed to be a genealogy of Adam which most people believe was the first man. All the names from Adam through Noah and number of years each lived actually are symbolic descriptions of the generations (progenies) of Adam where Adam is the Universal Mind. Read this book slowly. Digest each paragraph. Read each chapter in sequence because the chapters build upon each other. I look forward with great anticipation to Edna Craven’s next book of a Kabbalistic rendering of another Genesis chapter.

I highly recommend Universal Mind revealed to anyone who desires to know the deeper symbolic meaning of the name and numbers in Genesis Chapter 5.

Robert K.

on June 20, 2015

This book has changed my life for the better. I am applying the practical applications contained in this book and I am amazed at the positive results I am having in my daily life. My relationship with God and with myself have been enriched. Particularly, I learned how to weave happiness into my thinking practices. As a result, I am more peaceful. I seem to cope with day-to-day hassles in a more calm manner. This book has helped me tremendously and has helped me find goodness and beauty within myself. I would recommend this book to anyone desiring to have a higher understanding about life and its troubles and how we can overcome.

By Thomas A.

on March 2, 2015

Edna Craven’s book, Universal Mind Revealed has had a profound impact on my spiritual life. The step-by-step detail of how God created everything spiritually before a physical human being could be formed on our planet Earth gave me a heightened veneration for God’s amazing powers of knowing everything beforehand that was to be created. While reading Genesis Chapter 5 it occurred to me if this chapter is totally symbolic then the deeper meanings of Chapters 1-4 must also be symbolic.  Now I have a curiosity to specifically understand the figurative and hieroglyphic Kabbalistic interpretation of Genesis Chapters 1, 2, 3, and 4.

The “Practical Application” sections of the book has given me pause to think about and determine how I can improve as a human being thereby helping my soul to evolve. Recognizing behavioral changes are important and taking action to bring these changes about can be arduous for anyone.  The Practical Application are helping to develop my higher mind by studying, getting wisdom, and understanding to seek to experience higher spiritual principles. By focusing on these principles I am improving my character and my soul is evolving to higher consciousness.

I highly recommend Universal Mind Revealed to anyone who desires to elevate their behavior as a human being through learning and understanding higher knowledge.

Robert K.

on May 29, 2015

Very, very, very powerful and insightful! To comprise this much information would take at least 10 other books but she has so eloquently sewed this knowledge together to make it understandable to the uninitiated. The practical exercises in the book really test your knowledge and guide you through the book in such a way that it ensures personal growth with every chapter! I love this book and recommend it to anyone that seeks a deeper knowledge of mystic ideals!

Adam S.

on May 9, 2015